New Technology Centre Offers Hope to Edmonton’s Disadvantaged Youth

21K Digital Media & Technology Centre

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New Technology Centre Offers Hope to Edmonton’s Disadvantaged Youth

Edmonton philanthropist Colin Lee-Own is seeking sponsors for a three week  summer boot camp for disadvantaged young people and, is inviting interested parties to a  guided tour of the new 21k Digital Media & Technology Centre for disadvantaged young people.

Getting the job done in Edmonton

The newly established 21K Digital Media & Technology Centre has been created to offer young people the opportunity to gain valuable digital and employability skills and, will be the only facility of its kind in Edmonton.  Edmonton Green and North London in general have faced tough times in recent years with a spate of knife crime in 2019 which included the tragic death of market trader Julio Gomes, and the serious injuries suffered by a young woman during a random attack.  On top of this crime wave, the current restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 have caused isolation and distress to many families in the area; particularly those living in tower blocks with no access to gardens or private outdoor areas.

A very real side effect of the coronavirus crisis is that the subsequent recession means that many employers who would usually take on school leavers are now no longer recruiting.  Unemployment can lead to young people feeling disenfranchised and, there are fears that this may lead to more unrest within the area.

Live and learn

After an investment of £3,800.00 and, with the assistance of CONEL construction trainees, Colin Lee-Own has been able to secure and make ready a building at North Square Edmonton which will become the central hub of the 21K Digital Media & Technology Centre.  The aim of the centre is to engage young disadvantaged people in learning new employment and life skills and to steer them away from gangs and criminal activities.  Whilst social distancing measures remain in place, the centre’s  three week  digital bootcamp in July and August will be offering local disadvantaged young people to learn web design, social media marketing, and receive career advice and guidance..

Colin and the team are now seeking sponsors to help cover the £3,400 needed to secure the freelance tutors, purchase laptops, Edmonton Green service charge, electricity, broadband, stationery, volunteer expenses for the course and, prospective sponsors are invited to take a virtual tour of the centre on the 24th of June between 12pm and 1pm.

About Colin Lee-Own

An Edmonton resident of 53 years and father of five, Colin has worked tirelessly to provide employability services and mentoring to young people in the area.  In 1990, Colin founded AD 2000 Productions which offered media and ICT skills to disadvantaged young people – and which led to employment and NVQ qualifications for over 300 young people.

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