May 9, 2019

Digital Member

Within the Boroughs of London, there is a large cluster of digital media and tech companies. However, Edmonton which is situated in the London Borough of Enfield is classified as the poorest ward of London

these companies face a common challenge as many young people living near the tech hub, especially those from the BAME community, are ill-equipped and therefore unable to take up the opportunities being created in this digital economy. Their lack of adequate skills, coupled with the need of companies in the area is the reason for the conception of Edmonton Digital Media Centre.

By establishing 21K Digital Media Centre in Edmonton Green, our aim is to increase quality apprenticeships intake in the field. The organisation will upskill young people, through introductory workshops which will help them build their own personal digital portfolio and marketability. In turn, they will be able to compete for apprenticeships by demonstrating the skills they acquired, giving them the opportunity to start a career in digital media and technology.

Striving to address the lack of opportunities for young people living in Edmonton and surrounding areas for both women and young people from BME backgrounds who are under representative when applying for digital media and technology apprenticeships, we are seeking mentors to join our team. People who are working in the digital media and technology industry are needed to assist us to write, develop digital marketing and technology curriculum, and deliver workshops in your specialist field. The expected outcome, is to ensure that the training we deliver, is proficiently tailored to help our beneficiaries compete for digital marketing and ICT apprenticeships successfully.

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