Nurturing Creative Talent

21K Digital Media Social Enterprise has recently established the Digital Media & Technology Hub in Edmonton Green Shopping Centre to offer local young people the opportunity to develop their digital and creative skills to combat youth unemployment in Enfield.
21K Digital Media & Technology Hub strives to provide excellence in digital media and technology training; by developing the diverse digital talents in the local community, to meet the skill shortages in the growing digital media and technology industries.
21K Digital Media & Technology Hub is the only facility of its kind in Edmonton for young people who:

a) Have left school without achieving their full academic potential and have not gained the GCSE grades that are normally the entry-level requirements for high-value apprenticeships in the digital and tech industries.

b) Fail to satisfy the academic requirements of conventional training institutions.

c) Have come out of prison and want to pursue a career in the tech and digital industry.

d) 21K Digital Media & Technology Hub is the right environment to get creative in a fun and friendly place, mixing with other like-minded people. We have experienced tutors to help you develop your creative talent to give you the best career opportunities in the Digital Media & Technology Industry.

37/38 North Square
Edmonton Green Shopping Centre
London N 9 0HY

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